Underworld: Blood Wars Review

Posted 2016/12/06 254 0

Underworld: Blood Wars is the fifth installment of the Underworld Movie series. There is enough blood in the last part of this franchise exhausting war between werewolves and vampires, but not much more
So, four years after the last movie Underworld (title awakening) we now have a story titled Blood Wars, which just gives as promised, the blood is, and lots of it.

Underworld Blood Wars

The plot is irrelevant would be to films like these to run this: Selene (Beckinsale) is still on the run from both the vampires and Lycans who want to become immortal his blood. But there are those who want war between the two clans once and for all end.
Selene then pass through a maze of discovery, fraud, mountain peaks, ice falls, and even this place of limbo between life and death.
So even if you do not want, because you missed the first four parts of the series, to remove it from the small bursts of adrenaline from watching convert Lycans wolves in the whole werewolf (and end up looking like the modern improvements being Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’). See the Underworld: Blood Wars official complete video trailer…..

Rays of sunlight bake some unfortunate members of the vampire clan, and a major action sequence with two members in the war goes hilariously wrong: continue to scream and pump bullets into each other at close range, only to discover that both are immune. Oh, and you get a flashback in fast forward from previous rounds every time someone else’s blood tastes.

Photo is washed with ice-blue filter constant when the camera through Gothic structures in Prague and in caves where all the action takes place moves. There’s really nothing else to say about this snooze fest of a movie, except for the generous dose of overacting that you get from some elders of the church (we’re looking at you, James Faulkner) and some short cunnilingus for “bonus entertainment.
The proposals that ends in a possible sequel, and this ugly war between werewolves and vampires are not ready yet. All we have to say is this: It’s still better than Twilight.