Captain America: Civil War Review

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When the promises they make Marvel Cinematic Universe has done since the beginning, in the end, you must enter these promises. Since Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studios has not only given us some pictures and amazing history, gave us characters for fun, characters that are not simple caricatures of comics, but those who like the page in a real will cinematic way. We spent hours with Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, many others … all these characters have spent a rich inner life and inner struggle. Tony Stark (Robert Downey) is constantly measuring themselves against their father’s values and is wanting. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has a conviction that, while the one for him, his conflict with the policies and requirements of the modern age. MCU movies has never failed to show, but we have seen these stories are added in the space of eight years, and the potential for when these films could go was teasingly just over the horizon.

Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios has fulfilled those promises and more, resulting in the best superhero movie may be even. “The Civil War” could not come here in a different way, and other superhero movie that does not detract from the outstanding competition, but it is because of the location of the public in these characters to the emotional resonance of what happens in war civil ‘also makes it possible, and is not a place that can be achieved with a single movie. We looked to build these relationships and testing, and Captain America: Civil War paid for much of what we saw with these characters so far. Sound instantly became quiet conversation, intense moments because we are so busy with these people – even new ones, even if they are located in the middle of it, they are less stringent than those they already know.

Captain America: Civil


I do not want too much to immerse you in the action; first, the story is not so different from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with many of the same joke. And “only this time, hold moments. Directors Joe Russo is a master engineer every fight (with a second assistant inspector John Wick Chad Stahleski and David Leitch!), with photographer Trent Opaloch keep things clear and know when to put on the iconic series Booky frame. In some of these images (a big battle sequence is filmed with IMAX cameras, and it is wonderful to see), all that was missing was the condition POW! BOOM! and Smash! Writer Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely know these people know their rhythms, and best of all, they know when to be funny and when to go darker. It’s as graceful as directors, cameramen and writers to tell this story, giving us bits of information, and character development so devastating during the third act of the film our house is on the edge of our seats.

Second surprises of the film are best not telegraphed in advance – you know that Iron Man and Captain America will be successful, but how we do everything to make this film. When it finally thrown blow, it is a well-deserved this time, no matter how much we do not want to see these characters in the war. It is a sad film, a sense of inevitability, and a sense that while we do not want to see happen this conflict, we understand why not fill – as it should. In fact, it was found in the first film Captain America: The First Avenger.

Steve Rogers: I know you; none of this is worth ten of you. I saw the pictures. All you have to fight for themselves. You are not the man to play the victim, to determine whether a wire and left the other man crawling on you.

Tony Stark: I think I just cut the wire.

Steve Rogers is always a way out. You know, you can not be a threat, but it is better to stop pretending to be a hero.

Over the years, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers Circle values and choices of each, and when to change their positions, how to make these changes is an integral part of their characters. Captain America: Civil War storyline is heavily character-based; there is no need for the world to be stored here. Instead, it is an ideal, a letter of intent between the two irreconcilable forces – which is suitable for saving? Those who earn redemption? When lives are at stake, how important is your ideal?

Ideally Steve Rogers has not changed, even in this brave new world that has been brought. In fact, he attacks closer to them than ever, refuses to compromise them in a more complex political landscape. Tony Stark has lost all lives in this conflict is a scar on his already shrapnel scarred heart. Tony counts each of them – from the time he sold to a buyer of weapons that could afford it, to his days as a hero and an Avenger and when this house is located in a personal way for him, Tony decides to take it further of the “initiatives to prevent loss of life. But for Steve, who found Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is still the task of his friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), these compromises are too. A tangible personal loss to continue the determination of Steve while Tony is unwilling to even put the Iron Man suit for fear of further collateral damage. As a global accident and blame Bucky, both Steve and Tony is forced to test their faith and their relationship.

Captain America: The civil war deepens and expands on characters already established good way, but the real joy of the film lies in the introduction of two new superheroes. T’Challa Chadwick Boseman is a noble, just ruler of Wakanda, and when his Kingdom Under Fire as the Black Panther seeking justice and revenge for himself and his people. Boseman is electric as T’Challa, and if there are no worries for the Black Panther Ryan Coogler was the movies that will be removed immediately. I like the Black Panther attacks cruelty, but even more, I love the innate goodness of real T’Challa and Chadwick Boseman provide genuine empathy and emotion to the role. Leaving the audience wanting more optimally, and its interaction with the rest of the Marvel characters are revealing and entertaining. I predict that the Black Panther will do well when released in 2017.

Of course, the second character known to everyone, but because of the amount of the Sony / Marvel that we finally see Spider-Man in his rightful place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What is even better is that in some scenes, Tom Holland and writer to achieve what it took five films to achieve sporadically, but Sam Raimi film is a result of their own – this is the comic Spider-Man. Living hand to mouth in a small apartment in Queens with Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), Peter Parker is forced to be a hero, and his scenes with Robert Downey Jr. is a funny and poignant. We will Spidey have seen a couple of times, and Captain America: Civil War to get shave wise quickly and honestly in the heart of Peter Parker. In addition, this Spider-Man fights just like we thought it would be on the screen – fast, powerful, knowledgeable and always popping a joke or a joke. The Netherlands has the overall appearance of the need to play our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and how it interacts with other heroes are worth waiting all these years. Spider-Man: Homecoming gets a good starting point in Captain America: Civil War and are so happy to see this beloved character off to the right start.

In fact, the airport can fight the best action sequence ever be in a superhero movie; Hell, in the latest blockbuster. Although the stakes are high, it is wildly entertaining, funny and true to the characters. Paul Rudd Ant-Man is a highlight – Scott Lang was just happy to be there, and in an unexpected moment in the battle, Rudd both exciting time, menacing and strangely sweet. Unfortunate comparisons will be made Batman vs Superman, and can be lazy criticism to say that everything makes the wrong movie Captain America: Civil War in itself is good, but it’s also true. When these characters are in pain, we are in pain, because right now we have such a close relationship with them.

Although there are a couple of movies in Phase III, before going Avengers: Infinity War, and introduce new characters, Marvel Studios confidence to take us there is a strong overwhelming. Even when Marvel not really keep landing in these films, it fit still in the long history of Marvel here is significant. There is an alchemy here that would not work, but it does – we have a lot of writing, great acting, show with real weight and signs that we love theme. It has not happened up to this point, since the glory days of the original Star Wars trilogy. And it feels like Marvel has just begun. Can you imagine the stories that will inspire these films? There will be some 7-year-old boy to see these films and think, “I want to do this.” I can not wait to see the art that will inspire you to see these films. Until then, we just have to be content with the glory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America: Civil War is not only the perfect summer entertainment – this is one of the best blockbusters ever made.